Monday, September 18, 2017

A Couple of Little Projects

I needed to take a little break from from the ripple baby blanket that I had been working on.  I don't know what it is, but sometimes when I start a new project....I go like wild fire working on it and then I fizzle out and get bored and have to cast on another project with a quickness.

Sometimes a little project is just what I need.  A good friend of mine had a birthday while I was out of town, but I sent her a  card, so that she would know that I didn't forget her day.  When I got back home, I went out and got her a gift card, but I also wanted to give her something a little more personal.  So, I made her a cable gift card cozy/sweater.

It was a free pattern: and  it was fun, quick knit.  I used some Lily's Sugar n Cream Cotton Yarn from my stash in her favorite color green.

Cables are so much fun.
 My friend loved the gift card cozy.

Next, I have a daughter and another friend that collect owls and when I saw this dishcloth on a dishcloth group's site, I had to get busy. Free Pattern: ( )

The first dishcloth, I used Ecru (off-white) as per pattern colors and the second the dishcloth, I used white.

Left: Ecru.  Right:  White

Ecru background & Size 7 needles.

White background & Size 6 needles.

I really enjoyed knitting these and I have plenty of the contrasting colors to make at least 2 more dishcloths. And, I like how the stitches were more defined on the smaller needles.  Owls rock!   ๐Ÿฆ‰

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Holiday Prints Dishcloths

I've been busy working on a Ripple Baby Blanket using the popular yarn cakes that everyone seems to be talking about these days. As much as I've been enjoying knitting it, I was starting to get a little bored with it.

So, I decided to go to an old fall back project.  I knitted a couple of dishcloths.

The first is a free pattern called:  Lily Sugar ’N Cream Celtic Cables Dishcloth

It was a fun and easy knit.  I used size 7 needles and Lily Sugar ’N Cream Holiday Prints.

The other dishcloth is one that I created on my own.  I call it, Easy Peasy Knit and Purl Squares.  (Mindless knitting.)

Here's the pattern:

Using US size 7 Needles, CO 42 sts.  Start and end every row with K1 for edging.

Easy Peasy Knit and Purl Squares Pattern

1st sequence: (Complete 12 rows.)

K1, *K10, P10, K10, P10*, K1

2nd sequence:  (Complete 12 rows.)

K1, *P10, K10, P10, K10*, K1

Rep. these 2 sequences until desired length.  I worked a total of 48 rows, then BO.


Saturday, August 12, 2017

2 Baby Girl Sweaters Finished

I recently finished these two baby girl sweaters.

by Taiga Hilliard Designs

The first baby sweater is  Keams by Taiga Hilliard Designs  on Ravelry.  A very easy and fun knit.  I was able to knit it in a couple of evenings and no seaming.

 all-in-one baby top by marianna mel 

 The second sweater is another free pattern from marianna mel .  Her patterns are so wonderful and so easy to follow.  I used marianna mel's  pattern to create a "Watermelon" top for an older child.  (1 to 3 yrs.)  

or this link: 

Yarn was from my stash.

Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Not So Sweet Yarn

Last week I posted about all the yarn that I bought online.  I was real excited to try those newest yarn cakes...the big ones that's supposed to make it easier and simpler to knit an afghan or something without all the hassle of cutting off yarn and dealing with weaving in all those ends.

Yesterday , I CO for a baby blanket, well, right within the first few yards of the new skein....the yarn that I was using to cast on....a factory knot.  OK.  Snip.  Start over casting on.  Knit 1 row.  Middle of second row, another factory knot.  ๐Ÿ˜ž 

All in all, I found a total of 6 factory knots in 1 skein.  I realize that sometimes this in unavoidable, but.....6???

I unwound the entire skein and snipped out the portions that had the knots and re-wound into a skein that is functional....I hope. 

This is what I was dealing with: 

Now, I'm really torn, do I proceed with the other skeins?  Or do I ship the remaining unused yarn for a refund or a credit?

I contacted Mary Maxim via email and they replied promptly and offered to replace the defective yarn if I so chose.

Saturday, August 05, 2017

Yarn and More Yarn, Oh My!

Okay, so I said that I was going to try and use up some yarn in my humungous stash of yarn....Well....I couldn't help myself.

Last summer, I decided to eat healthier and to eat smaller portions.  I just wasn't comfortable in my own skin and I was so tired of my clothes not fitting properly and just the thought of buying clothes in the next size up was so depressing.

I've lost 33 lbs. and I now can knit something for myself in a smaller size...less yarn to buy!  Woot!  Woot!

This is why I need to finish my current WIP.

Christmas in's for real!

I saw this vest in a Mary Maxim catalog and I fell in love ๐Ÿ’š!  It's knit from the top down and size 10 needles.  I think it'll be perfect for the Fall.

My 3 YO grandson wants a sweater or a hoodie.  He requested black, but I really don't enjoy knitting with black yarn, so I selected some Red Heart Yarn in Charcoal.  I'm still thinking and reviewing patterns for him.

As if I didn't already have enough things that I want to knit, I joined a couple of different knitting groups on Facebook and some people were already sharing some Christmas in July ideas.  When I saw this Santa's Wardrobe Garland  I just thought that it was the cutest thing.  Yes, I ordered the kit.

Then, I had to jump in all the latest fad of the Giant Cakes of yarn that create beautifully striped creations.  I also ordered some Sweet Rolls from Mary Maxim.

Sweet calories!

Last but not least, I can't knit all the time, can I?  Coloring for adults for a favorite past time these days, so I got a coloring book for me.

Tell could I pass this up?  It was on sale, too.  Regularly $12, on sale for $4.

I think I'm set for knitting for the rest of the year and probably for 2018.  Happy knitting!

Need to Finish My Projects...

I really don't know if the internet is a good thing or a bad thing.  When I was growing up, I really didn't have that many options for inspirations for knitting.  If and when my Mum and I got out to the Murphy's or Woolworth's or a Mccrory's, then we got to look through some knitting magazines or free knitting leaflets that were in the store with yarn.  My Mum also got  a lot her ideas from her many years of subscribing to Workbasket Magazine.

Google images

Now, we have the internet and an endless supply of knitting and crochet patterns and we have access to internet shopping.  I don't have to leave my house.  I can just have the stuff delivered to my front door!

I finished making a sweater for my eldest grand daughter, a vest for her brother  and a sweater for their newest brother.

I saw a couple of patterns that I just had to make and I've been determined to use some yarn from my yarn stash.

Keams Baby Sweater

I found this cute little sweater on Ravelry:  Keams by Taiga Hilliard Designs

I had a skein of Vanna's Choice Yarn in Neapolitan.  I bought it on a whim, but I had no idea what to do with it, and a had some left over yarn of Vanna's Choice in Dusty Rose.  It was a fun and easy knit.  I thinking about ordering some ice cream cone buttons for it OR just using White for Vanilla, Pink for Strawberry & a brown button for Chocolate.

Currently, I'm working on a cute little "Watermelon Dress".

I'm using All-in -One Sleeveless Top for a 1-3 year old girl by marianna's lazy daisy days blog: 

Her patterns are so wonderful and easy to follow.  I'm using size 7 needles and mystery yarns from my stash.  I'm almost done.  I just need to work 7 rows of garter stitch and weave in the ends and sew on 3 black (seeds) buttons.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Little Boy Vest

A few weeks ago, I made a lilac sweater for my 5 YO granddaughter.

And, I also made a "Kiwi" baby sweater for a new grand baby that was due in July, but we didn't know the gender at the time.  (Our new grandson finally arrived July 16th.)

Well, I made the awful mistake of having something for my oldest grandchild and something for a new grand baby, but I didn't have anything for the middle grandchild.  Needless to say, he was not a happy camper and he had a major meltdown that I didn't have a sweater for him.  He was so distraught that he wanted me to drop everything that I was doing, (we were celebrating at a birthday party), and get my knitting needles and cast on right then & there!  I felt awful.

So, I didn't want to waste any time and I wanted a quick knit, so I knitted him a vest.  My grandson has a thing for vest.  Since he's growing so fast, this seemed like a very good idea.  He won't have to worry about the sleeves becoming too short.

(Color looks washed out here.)

(Color is truer here.)

This is a free pattern:  6-Stitch Plait Unisex Vest For Kids by Ratchadawan Chambers

It was fun, quick and easy and it was knitted in 2-pieces, Front and Back, then seamed together at the sides and stitches picked up at the armholes and neck.  I was was tempted to knit this from the bottom up to avoid sewing the seams together, but I decided to step out of my "comfort zone"and just do it as per pattern.  

I successfully learned the Mattress Stitch!  ( You Tube Link:

I like that the pattern is for boys or girls and it's available in 3 different sizes.

I knitted the largest size and I used size 7 needles for the ribbing and size 8 needles for the body of the sweater.  I also knitted the front and the back of the vest simultaneously on their own needles, this way I was sure to get a matching length.  The yarn was from my ever growing stash.  Loops and Threads Impeccable in "Soft Taupe".  The yarn isn't very soft, but I'm trying to use up some of my stash.  Don't worry, I have a nice soft yarn coming in the mail for a cardigan or a hoodie for the same grandson.

A Couple of Little Projects